Completed Education

# NURail Project ID Principal Investigator University Dept Project Title - Click on the title for more information Final Report
1 NURail2012-MTU-E01 Lautala MTU Rail and Intermodal Transportation Summer Youth Program Final Report
2 NURail2012-MTU-E02 Lautala MTU Railroad Engineering Education Symposium (REES) 2012 Final Report
3 NURail2012-MTU-E03 Lautala MTU Undergraduate Student Projects Final Report
4 NURail2012-MTU-E04 Lautala MTU Undergraduate Certificate in Rail Transportation/Engineering Final Report
5 NURail2012-MTU-E05 Lautala MTU Technology Transfer Seminar with MDOT Final Report
6 NURail2012-RHIT-E01 Jim McKinney RHIT Development of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Railroad Engineering Course Final Report
7 NURail2012-UIC-E01 Schlickman UIC METRA Management Training Final Report
8 NURail2012-UIUC-E01 Edwards UIUC Hosting home schoolers visit to expose to railroad engineering Final Report
9 NURail2012-UIUC-E07 Tyler Dick UIUC Railway Transportation Engineering (CEE 408) Course Updates and Online Conversion Final Report
10 NURail2012-UIUC-E08 Tyler Dick UIUC Railway Project Design and Construction (CEE 411) Course Updates Final Report
11 NURail2012-UKY-E01 Rose UKY REES Module Final Report
12 NURail2012-UTK-E01 Huang UTK Develop Railway Engineering Modules for Materials Courses Final Report
13 NURail2013-UIUC-E03 Rapik Saat UIUC Develop and Teach Graduate Course in Multimodal Transportation Safety and Risk Final Report
14 NURail2013-UIUC-E04 Rapik Saat UIUC Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Final Report
15 NURail2013-UIUC-E05 Tyler Dick UIUC Grow Our Own Minority STEM Initiative: Partnering in Outreach Final Report
16 NURail2013-UIUC-E06 Tyler Dick UIUC Develop and Teach Graduate Course on Rail Terminal Design and Operations Final Report
17 NURail2013-UTK-E02 David Clarke UTK Continuing Education for the Railway Industry Final Report
18 NURail2013-UTK-E03 David Clarke UTK Railway Operations Class Final Report
19 NURail2014-UIUC-E09 Tyler Dick UIUC Guidebook for Railway-themed K-12 STEM Outreach Activities Final Report
20 NURail2014-UKY-E02 Jerry Rose UKY Intermodal Course Enhancement Final Report
21 NURail2017-RHIT-E02 James McKinney RHIT Railroad Engineering: Hands-On Experience Final Report